Let's create together!

Bolivia 2012, Handstand on 4600m

I'm a creative soul looking for work.

Engage me in your project – meaningful, i.e. sustainable, open source, environmental, social or just beautiful, and I will be a great attribution in realizing it together with you. If an idea inspires me I will put all my energy into making it happen. I love to work with people who let me be part of the progress of an idea, as I am not only a graphic machine, but more so a thinking human.

Through the working on great projects together with amazing people, I was able to practice my design skills in graphic print- and web design, illustration, animation and short videos. I was also able to practice my social skills as someone who works in a team, executes given tasks or organizes and coordinates complex events.

In the past, I've worked for Arkadia & Co Design and smaller clients. With the force of others, I founded TAAK! Tauschakademie Halle, volunteered at OUI Share Fest Paris, brought to life the little home cinema CineMaggio and founded BURGgrün (university-related environmental group). Recently I've been involved in design and motion work supporting the OPENiT Festival and in the founding of CuriosiTea, an online platform that is still in the making.

Work of mine / ours has been nominated for several awards and has been featured at Arte, blog.TED.comSpiegel Online, MDR, Radio Corax and several blogs and radio stations.

If you have a project at hand and you are looking for an open creative to work WITH, please, get in touch!


And in case you're around, stop by for a cup of tea!

I'm currently over here…



* Born healthily on March 13th 1986 in Potsdam, GDR, only 12 teeth missing, raised in Werder(Havel), North Muskegon and Potsdam.

Formal Education

2008 – 2013

Bachelor of Arts,
University of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein Halle, Germany


Erasmus-Student in the department of Communication Design,
ISIA Urbino, Italy


Abitur, Helmholtz-Gymnasium Potsdam


Exchange Student with YFU e.V. in North Muskegon, MI, USA

Internships / Work

Since 08/2011

Working for Arkadia & Co. Design, Brooklyn, NY, USA


Interning at Arkadia & Co. Design, Brooklyn, NY, USA


Interning with Documentary-Filmmaker Frank Sputh, Potsdam

Initiating and realizing


Co-founder and active member of the university-related Environmental Group ‘BURGgrün’

Active member of the university-related cinema ‘Kino 120.a’


CineMaggio Dini 4 – during my stay in Urbino, Italy I organized regular screenings to gather friends while spreading knowledge through showing documentaries such as Unser Täglich Brot,  


Selling groceries and engaging with people as member of the Food-Coop Rübchen e.V. in Halle, Germany 

Since 2008

Several short-term stays on organic farms in the USA and Italy as a Wwoofer


 Testing my social limits in a 7-months-experience as a social worker at the Youth Center Calamita in Pesaro, Italy doing a European Voluntary Service 

Selling asparagus 10hrs/day 6days/week, being gentle to customers while dealing with bad quality produce for 3 months.

Working on an organic farm in the UP Michigan, selling great delicious produce at a farmer's market, dealing with overabundance of tomatoes.

Computer Skills

Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, Soundbooth, Font Lab, even Microsoft Word.

Language Skills

I prefer speaking other languages than German, e.g. English, Italian, Spanish and French.



Exceptional Youth Dedication Award for the project

‘TAAK! Tauschakademie Halle’ in the course of the Freistil-Contest ‘Jugend engagiert in Sachsen-Anhalt’

Nominated for the Giebichenstein Design Award for the projectsTAAK! Tauschakademie in the Categories: Most Ambitous Project and Best Concept

and for CuriosiTea in the category: Most Ambitious Project