The Fine line

From creating vector infographics to curating an exhibition of "Deep Sea Creatures"; Illustrating with pen, ink, water color, paper, vector paths or pixels, single or mixed media; these are the moments when the creative inside of me amuses herself and time flies by in a stream of colorful lines and pixels. 



Animation is where dreams (almost) come true. "Giving soul" to formerly inanimate objects, characters, stories is what animation is all about. Mixing illustration and motion and most importantly adding some Souuuuul, will quickly enchant the viewer and entertain them while watching the story unfold. 



Giving a wonderful idea its visual expression is a great joy. I often work in close collaboration with my project partners, refining the concept, developing logo designs, business cards, flyers, videos etc., matching colors, fonts, styles and graphics with their message to make their idea tangible to the audience. 



Letting the viewer engage in a dialogue with a certain object or another person lets them stretch their comfort zone and broaden their horizon. Thinking of all the fun ways on how to do this is a magical experiment, in which I enjoy the role of the crazy (pseudo) scientist.


A, B, C…

Researching old scriptures and handwritings, experimenting with ink and styles, tinkering with different materials, creating headlines for story titles, greeting cards, poster designs, coffee shop signs, you name it. The result is a set of various calligraphic and vector-graphic work.


The FLAME within

Sometimes personal "sidenotes of life" manifest themselves as real projects. That's when ambitious projects like CuriosiTea, TAAK! and Open It Festival take stage.