(Music Video)

It started as my pilot animation project in the frame of my studies at the University of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein Halle in 2012. After 450 hours of hand-work it is now done.

MUSIC The Head And The Heart – Ghosts 

ANIMATION Jenni Ottilie Keppler

TUTOR Sven Voelker @ BURG

Go Home

// A music video for the Brooklyn-based Indie band Lucius. Using an old-school stop-motion animation technique to create an artful, eerie, otherworldy feeling, and japanese ball joint dolls that were sculpted in the lead singer's likenesses, "Go Home" portrays the sentiment of finding inner strength. //

Created by Arkadia & Co. Design

MUSIC Lucius – Go Home 

DIRECTOR Tika Buchanan

DOP Maura McEvoy


TITLES + CREDITS (NOT the stop motion animation!) Jenni Ottilie Keppler


CURIOSITEA – The Idea (rough)


TAAK! Teaser


 /// TAAK! Teaser ///

Animating all the different barter items that the interviewees mention.

About TAAK! :
A platform that works without money and is based on barter. Anyone can give and take workshops and classes. Teachers put up a list of items and services they would like in exchange for their class. Students sign up and check what they will bring along in exchange for the class. 

STORYBOARD in Collaboration with Johanna Padge, Jantje Almstedt

CAMERA Maxi Richter

EDITING Johanna Padge

DIRECTOR / ANIMATION Jenni Ottilie Keppler

MUSIC A.Skillz – Poppa Soul

My very first baby steps in frame-by-frame using flash

ANNO 2011

(Formerly) Explaining harmonic vibrancy for the
Ecosynomics Survey.