// Exhibition //

Tiefsee Expedition von-Stolz-&-Keppler

An exhibition of the deep sea expedition bounty, led by Philippe Amando von Stolz* , accompanied by Draftswoman Jenniviève Ottilie Keppler*

Invitation valid for: 9.Mai '15 – in der Tiefseeakademie Sassnitz, Böttcherstraße 5, Hafenstadt Sassnitz (Silberschmiede)

Philipp Amand Stulz & Jenni Ottilie Keppler

Find more pictures on the preparations here.

Photos below by friend Adam Sevens

*Prints of Bounty are available now*

Rectangular postcard 10cm x 14cm: 1,50 Euro each (+shipping).
Squared postcard 14cm x 14cm: 2,– Euro each (+shipping).
Set of all 15 postcards: 22€ (+shipping).

Bigger Sea Dragon Print on Wood Pulp Board (Holzschliffpappe) 21cm x 21cm: 12€ (+shipping).

Please get in touch, if you're interested: ottilie.keppler(at)gmail.com