[Visual notes taken during a talk on the Blue Economy Projects (102!!!) by the amazing Gunter Pauli.]


"The Blue Economy goes beyond the Green Economy. The present employment crisis, especially amongst the young does not permit us to pursue a business model that aims to cut costs by cutting employment, a model that offers the best for everyone's health and the environment as the most expensive. Time has come to shift towards a competitive business model that allows producers to offer the best at the lowest prices by introducing innovations that generate multiple benefits, not just increased profits. This economic philosophy was first introduced in 1994 by Prof. Gunter Pauli when asked by the United Nations to reflect on the business models of the future. Now, substantiated by over 180 concrete cases, it is increasingly clear that it is possible to generate more revenue, while generating more jobs and still compete on the global market."

Find more on the Blue Economy here:…/The_Blue_Economy.html