Vernissage-Einladung zur Tiefsee-Expedition von-Stolz-und-Keppler – am 9.Mai 2015

Am 9.Mai 2015, um 17Uhr ist es soweit, die Pforten der königlichen Tiefseeakademie in Sassnitz, Böttcherstr. 5, öffnen sich für großes Publikum. Hier schon ein paar erste Ein- und Ausblicke darauf.
Es erwarten Sie mit vielen Krakenarmen, Philippe Armando von Stolz (Expeditionsleiter) & Fräulein Jenniviève Ottilie Keppler (Zeichnerin und Kunstmalerin).

Tiefsee Einladung

Photo and Art of The Kraken by Philipp Stulz, Photo and Art of Fish Ink Drawing by Jenni Ottilie Keppler

Dad makes use of the copy-left of my "Animal ABC" – Go Daddy!

I couldn't be happier, finding my dad copy my art and doing so, even dealing with the challenge of imitating water-ink-drawings on a stone wall. Go Daddy!

This month my dad had asked me for high-quality- prints of the Animals I drew a couple years ago. Why? Because he was inspired and motivated to eternalize them on a (honestly pretty brittle) wall in our garden. I remained impressed, by how well, he copied them. You can find the originals in my portfolio and at the end of this blog entry. Has any of you ever had your own work copied by someone?

Crafting Cleo's & Esmé's Adventcalendar of 2013